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Our firm proposes you their services of Real Estate Appraisal and advice concerning residential properties situated in the Laurentian, Lanaudière, Outaouais and a part of Mauricie. Our team base its opinions on public and private data redrawn in these regions. Basically, we believe that all reports must be easily understood by the reader. That is why we apply to explain our point of view in the purpose Comments. We mainly try to speak to the reader when we explain our opinion. Whatever is the mandate which you confide us, we believe that the particular characteristics of the subject must be brought to light in the Comments of the report.


The Reports can take the shape of a forms or a narrative reports (Printable PDF form). Our reports are signed and dated by appraisal member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC). Our reports are carriers of the Canadian uniform standards of professional appraisal (CUSPAP) and are validated by the Canadian institutions. The details of the report types whom we make are available under the tab Reports. Reports can be prepared in French or in English. In all cases, the choice of the English language must be mentioned during the obtaining of the mandate. If no specification of language is asked, the report will be made in French. There are no additional fees for a report written in English, except when this specificity is mentioned after the production of the report.

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Our appraiser Team realize reports for banks, Caisses Populaires, law firms and private individuals. We have a secure computer system and the data of our customers are kept in confidentiality. No data on our customers is passed on or used by third parties. Our appraisers are covered by the insurance attributable to the members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada , of l’OEAQ and of the CNAREA

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The Mandates that we make are varied. A Large specter of the residential real estate valuation is covered by our team of appraisers:  Financing or refinancing, new construction and renovations (Actual / Current potential), estate sharing, purchase / sale / investment, gain or loss of capital, relocation and foreclosure. It is to note that all the visits are made by the signatory appraiser of the report. In this way, the data of the property are directly spot by the responsible appraiser. So, the quality of the report is largely improved and we eliminate the errors during the transmissions of informations. We are specializing in the following residential values: detached or attached single family houses, intergenerational building or with bachelor, co-ownership (condo), duplex, triplex, fourplex and vacant land. We also make the progresses inspections of works for the progressive paid out during a new construction or during a renovation.

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